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Determined To Make Your Mission A Success

Our Partners

East Bay has cultivated a team of strategic partners to form expanded teams of the same high quality we expect from ourselves. We have successfully teamed with partners on many of our project efforts to date and stand prepared to bring that same teamwork to future projects of any size. Our strategic partners are:

East Bay Partnership is made up of veterans and law enforcement professionals that are focused on making sure this great country is safe and secure. By doing so, America’s hard-working tax payers receive quality work at a great value.

Providing Accurate Results Since Our Inception

East Bay Partnership uses agile management methodologies in every aspect of our support services to give customers faster, more accurate results. We started in 2008 as a consulting firm working with many federal agencies and commercial firms. The company received its SDVOSB CVE status in 2016.

At East Bay Partnership, we are always ready to assist you to make your mission a success.

East Bay Partnership
East Bay Partnership

Data Management and Analytics

Today, computers are smarter than ever. Effectively performing many of the same tasks humans do, machine learning can be a force multiplier to increase productivity. East Bay’s architects define organizations key performance indicators to assess an organization’s ability to accomplish its’ goals and objectives. We ask why, how, what and look at the results the organization wants to achieve. We then assist the organization in using data analytics and visualization techniques to continually monitor progress towards achieving a level of maturity to achieve mission goals and objectives.

East Bay Partnership

Cyber Security

Organizations struggle to report on, or even understand, their overall cyber security environment. Without an architecture based on a comprehensive evaluation of threats, weaknesses in cyber posture leave companies and agencies extremely vulnerable. East Bay highly skilled architects evaluate your organization’s security with precise metrics. After the evaluation, we produce an overall security architecture and implementation strategy to transform the security profile of your agency.

East Bay Partnership

Architecture and Program Planning

As operational environments evolve, organization objectives and design specifications must adapt. East Bay’s Solution Architects evaluate the operational capabilities needed by the business – Business functionality, technology, process change, and organizational change are assessed. Our team of Solution Architects provide a living framework which facilitates seamless integration between desired operational capabilities and technology planning.

Services We Provide

Agile Program Management Office (PMO) Support

An organization must ensure that project deliverables move it closer to its strategic and tactical goals. In short, management and effective implementation assist in the facilitation of meeting established goals.

Key Areas of Support

  • Resource management
  • Risk management
  • Vision and mission support
  • Performance management
  • Portfolio development and management
  • Program and project management
  • Governance and compliance
East Bay Partnership

Agile DevOps / Agile Change Management

East Bay DevOps helps organizations collaborate to build high quality working software and deliver it into production quickly and frequently. We embrace continuous delivery, continuous integration and automation, and work to reduce the process of releasing software from weeks of approvals to just a few keystrokes.

Implementing DevOps

The East Bay team knows that implementing DevOps takes more than just the right platform. We address the people, process, and technology aspects of DevOps and bring together sharp technical minds with change management experts to produce results for your organization. We know the tools and the processes to get your teams talking and producing so they can work together again.

Change Management

Our business analysts can help you uncover the priorities that drive high-value solutions and reveal the right information to make critical business decisions. Be it optimizing your business processes, identifying the most critical improvements to your data strategy, or supporting your product owners in identifying the best opportunities, we strive to understand your business and deliver solutions to achieve your top goals.

Cyber Security Solutions

Our approach to providing cybersecurity services allows our teams to introduce new concepts, strengthen existing practices and methodologies. We also provide innovative, cost-effective solutions. We help our customers further define or originate new metrics for security posture measurement and the efficiency of the IT Security investment.

  • Security operation center
  • Security architecture
  • Computer incident response
  • Vulnerability management
  • Security assessment and authorization
  • Continuous monitoring and real-time assessments
  • Penetration testing and ethical hacking

Data Storage / Analytics & Integrity

East Bay builds systems that produce meaningful information, make sense of the data an organization captures, and promote data-driven decision-making using consistent, integrated information with a focus on data integrity.

  • Data integration structured & unstructured (Big Data)
  • Deploying business intelligence and using off the shelf tools and building custom visualizations
  • Data Science statistical techniques to dig deeper into data patterns and predict behaviors
  • Data Governance maintain accuracy, completeness and inventory of your data assets

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

East Bay is an authorized Value Added Reseller for products that bring efficiencies and cost savings to the government.

  • In-memory, high performance, secure analytic platform.
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